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Warm bamboo massage is a unique new concept in deep tissue relaxing massage.It rejuvenates and relaxes tight muscles instantly and painlessly and helps tensions to melt away. It’s a luxurious way to relax and release stress and tension, aches and pains while at the same time loosening tight muscles. This gorgeous massage also enables lymphatic drainage and enhances relaxation.

Bamboo has been used in China for over 5,000 years and symbolises suppleness and resilience. This massage satisfies two of the bodies major needs, those of relaxation and well-being. The soothing heat from the bamboo, along with the rolling and kneading methods used encourage muscles to relax, thus making it easier and more comfortable to access those underlying tighter areas which are causing pain or discomfort. So, if your muscles are tight from stress, exercise, injury, driving or even just sitting at a computer all day, the techniques used with warm bamboo will help melt away your most stubborn knots and tension leaving you with an amazing sense of relaxation and well being.

The benefits of this massage last long after the treatment is over and include: increased circulation, relaxation, relief from sore muscles, promotes more restful sleep, relief from stress and tension, aids lymphatic drainage by eliminating toxins and rebalancing and restoring the body’s electromagnetic field.

The treatment takes approximately 1 hour. It is normal to experience slight symptoms after the treatment such as: increased need to use the toilet, being thirstier than usual, slight headache or light headedness. These symptoms should clear within 24 and 48 hours as they are a temporary, positive result of the body responding to the treatment and beginning to rebalance and self heal while eliminating toxins and other waste products.

To ensure that you gain maximum benefit from your treatment for the following 48 hours you should: increase the amount of water that you drink, reduce caffeine intake, avoid alcohol, cut down on smoking, eat only light, regular meals and take time to relax.

This treatment is not suitable for people suffering from lymphatic cancer, diabetes, varicose veins or extreme bruising, epilepsy, during the first trimester of pregnancy or if you have had recent surgery or serious injury to any of the areas covered by the massage.

“the soothing heat   from the bamboo,   along with the
  rolling and   kneading methods
  used encourage   muscles to   relax...”

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