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Tinting is one of the fastest and most popular and cost effective ways to emphasise enhance the eyes. It’s a very effective treatment that will last up to 6 weeks on lashes and 4 weeks on eyebrows.

Darkening the lashes takes around 30 minutes and makes the lashes appear longer and bolder. It’s an ideal treatment for fair haired clients. It’s also a treatment favoured by swimmers and other sports people and those who wear contact lenses. NB contact lenses need to be removed for all treatments affecting the eyelashes.

Eyebrow tinting is becoming increasingly popular. Well shaped eyebrows give definition to the face and form a frame for the eyes which helps to further accentuate them. Even slightly darkening the eyebrows can improve the look of the actual brow shape and dramatically enhance the overall look of the eye area. Eyebrow tinting is much quicker than lash tinting, taking around 15 minutes to complete. Many clients have their brows tinted while their eyelash tint is on, thus reducing the amount of time they spend in the salon.

The tints contain vegetable dyes and a patch test is necessary at least 24 hours before your first visit and additional patch testing should occur any time the therapist uses a new brand of tint.

Because of our commitment to the continued Health and Safety of our clients, as with all our treatments at Holistic Eyes, clients will be required to complete our Health and Safety form in advance of this treatment and bring it with them to their appointment

Because Holistic Eyes is a home based business our insurance only covers us for each client being treated. Because of this we respectfully ask you not to bring children or dependents with you when you come for your treatment.

“tinting is the   fastest, most   popular and cost   effective way to   emphasise and   enhance the   eyes”

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