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This gorgeous holistic treatment is very beneficial for improving circulation, flexibility and muscle tone. It can perform a role in repairing damaged tissue, stiffness and soreness and from other disorders, such as Arthritis which affect mobility. It also encourages lymphatic drainage, detoxification of the body, boosting the immune system and helps prevent injury by ensuring the joints and ligaments are flexible and supple.

The action of the massage breaks down knots and disperses toxins whilst at the same time stimulates blood flow and oxygen to the brain. The stimulation of the body, due to the work over the pressure points of the foot, has a very powerful effect on many levels.

The massage is based on yoga and Ayurvedic medicine and it incorporates a combination of acupressure, yoga stretching, reflexology, shiatsu and energy meridian work. This combination is believed to provide relief at physical, mental, spiritual and emotional levels hence providing a general feeling of having been healed. It’s an ancient form of massage thought to have arrived in Thailand at the same time as Buddhism, which has been practiced for centuries.

Like all holistic treatments it treats a specific part of the body, in this instance feet and legs, but utilises the bodies energy lines (in Thailand they call them Sen lines), which run from the soles of the feet and palms of the hands up to the face and scalp. Applying pressure to these points can release blocked energy and move energy through the body. Pressure can also have a positive effect on circulation. Thus energy based holistic treatments can treat the whole body, mind and spirit, giving an overall sense of health, calmness and wellbeing.

According to Thai traditional massage system the body is made up of invisible energy lines or channels know as Meridian or Sen lines. There are 10 of these in the Thai system and Thai foot massage works on 6 of these 10 lines. So, as well as working on all the muscle, joint and circulatory systems in the feet and legs the Sen lines worked on during this massage will also impact abdominal area, the back and all of the internal organs. In addition it is concerned with releasing toxins from the body, which boosts the immune system as well as releasing physical tension. This increases emotional balance helping to reduce anxiety and depression, by increasing relaxation and energy, positively stimulating the mind and improving sleep.

This treatment is not suitable for people suffering from lymphatic cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, during the first trimester of pregnancy or if you have had recent surgery or serious injury to any of the areas covered by the massage.

“this massage is   based on yoga   stretching,   reflexology,   shiatsu and   energy meridian   work”

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