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Waxing is a popular method of hair removal. It’s also a fast, efficient and hygienic way to remove hair. At Holistic Eyes Beauty Therapy in Stevenage we use wax which consists of synthetic resins and other organic materials. Our wax is also enhanced with healing properties such as lavender and aloe vera which are good for sensitive skin. We always use two additional products, one to cleanse the skin and remove any surface oil which will stop the wax adhering to the hair and the other to sooth the skin and minimise redness and irritation afterwards.

Most clients’ find that they return for further waxing treatments on a 4 – 6 week basis.

Let your therapist know if you have very sensitive skin, raised moles, broken skin, inflammation or swelling, rashes or scar tissue in the areas you wish to have waxed. It will help them to take the necessary precautions and in some cases will mean that waxing is not an option for you. If you are on medication it is always worth checking with your doctor to ensure that waxing is appropriate for you.

Do not wax immediately before or after a sauna or steam bath or within 24 hours of sunbathing or sun bed treatments, or if you are using skin products that contain Retin A.

After waxing ensure the area is kept clean. Avoid makeup, creams, perfumed products and deodorants on the waxed area for at 24 hours and apply witch hazel night and morning. Avoid sunbathing or sun beds for at least 48 hours.

If you are prone to in growing hair always exfoliate and moisturise the area regularly and ask your therapist for advice. We do stock solutions which can help with this problem so ask your therapist for details.

“we use wax   enhanced with   healing   properties such   as lavender and   aloe vera”

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