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Male grooming is on the rise. Most men these days have some kind of skin care product in their wash bags – and why shouldn’t they? Their skin needs nourishing just as much as anyone’s and their appearance counts too!

At Holistic Eyes we understand that men like to look good, so we have a set of treatments just for them! An added benefit is that we are a home based business, so that means no embarrassment of having to walk into a Beauty Salon.

Men can have their eyebrows tidied and their lashes tinted which really enhances and brings out the colour of their eyes. Manicures are available too, which can really improve the condition of a man’s nails and the overall appearance of their hands.

The most interesting addition to the range of treatments on offer to our male clients is colour analysis. Men who are in jobs that mean they interact with lots of people or men, who are moving up in their careers, will benefit from this form of personal styling. This session will ensure that they are wearing clothes in colours and shades that really enhance their image, show their best features and most importantly, give them gravitas and presence in board meetings, presentations and other key business situations.

“at holistic eyes   we understand   that men like to   look good”

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