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Hot wax is a totally different process to strip waxing. Because the wax goes on in much smaller sections and has a different consistency it is capable of taking much shorter hair than strip wax and because the wax works in such a way that it shrink wraps around the hair when its removed it only takes the hair leaving the top layer of the skin in place. Therefore it is a slightly slower but less painful option and less likely to cause ingrowing hair.

Hot wax is also the best wax to use for people who react to strip wax or who are having waxing on more intimate areas.

At Holistic Eyes we use Adam and Eve Hot wax. Since 2003 Adam and Eve Waxes have been used in Australia and internationally. Adam and Eve make fragrant wax formulas using enticing aromatherapy fragrances that leave skin cashmere soft and beautifully scented.

Made in Australia, these waxes contain natural products such as beeswax, almond oil, cocoa butter and coconut oil. Added to this the products are vegan friendly and are never tested on animals.

Adam and Eve hot wax is super strong and super pliable and can remove hair as short as 2-3mm in length. It also removes the finest of hair while remaining extremely gentle on the skin. This pain free formula also contains Titanium Dioxide which reduces redness to the skin following the treatment and Mica which gives the wax good grip.

After care remains the same. Wipe the waxed area over with witch hazel morning and evening for three days to keep the empty follicle clean. Avoid perfumed products, sun bed, sunbathing, hot baths/showers and tight fitting clothes for 24 areas following waxing. Exfoliating the area after the first 7 days will also help prevent in growing hairs

Why not book a patch test today. So many people are switching over to hot wax for its effective gentle hair removal. Pick up a price list for all our waxing when you are in salon.

*Clients with allergy to sticking plaster will not be able to use hot wax.

“its super strong,   super pliable,   and suitable for   sensitive skin and
  can remove hair   as short as 2mm”

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