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Hopi Ear Candles are a gentle, safe, effective and completely natural way to manage the cause of a range of conditions. The candles are made of natural ingredients including beeswax, honey, sage, St John’s Wort, chamomile and flax. They work by utilising a chimney principle, which draws impurities to the surface of the ear so that they can be removed, while the vapor from the candle also stimulates the secretion flow and manages any excess moisture in the ear while equalising the pressure throughout the head and ears.

As well as being very useful following colds and virus’s Ear Candles are suitable for:

Extreme ear wax

Allergic Rhinitis

Sore throats and hay fever

Extreme snoring


Flying problems and pressure regulation


Glue Ear

Catarrh and asthma

Headaches and migraines

Swimmers ear

General relaxation

During the treatment a candle will be placed in the client’s ear and allowed to burn down. As the candle burns, the vapours it releases will work in various parts of the ear. The client will experience a warm feeling with crackling sounds as the candle’s ingredients vaporize and the candle burns down. After both candles have burned down and been removed, the client will then be given a facial lymphatic drainage treatment which works with the candles to further remove blockages and build ups. The treatment is non invasive, unlike ear syringing, which deals with symptoms rather than cause and can be harmful.

The treatment takes approximately 45 minutes to complete after which time the therapist will advise on the regularity of future treatments based on how the candle behaved while it was burning. It is normal to experience slight symptoms after the treatment such as: increased need to use the toilet, runny nose and or cough, slight rash as the skin rebalances, perspiration, deep sleep, slight ear ache or blocked feeling in the ear. These symptoms should clear within 24 and 48 hours as they are a temporary, positive result of the body responding to the treatment and beginning to rebalance and self heal while eliminating toxins and other waste products.

To ensure that you gain maximum benefit from your treatment for the following 48 hours you should: increase the amount of water that you drink, reduce caffeine intake, avoid alcohol, cut down on smoking and take time to relax.

This treatment not suitable for people suffering from lymphatic cancer, Diabetes, Epilepsy or during the first trimester of pregnancy. It’s also not suitable if grommets are in place, if there is any inflammation or infection or if there is an allergy to any of the contents of the candles or the massage oil.

“A natural, gentle   and relaxing way   to manage the   cause or a wide   range of   conditions”

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