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Colour analysis has become increasingly popular over the years as a way of helping people to understand which shades and tones of each of the main colour groups work best with their individual skin, hair and eye colouring.

The benefits of colour analysis are huge. Wearing the right tones and shades for your own unique colour pallet will mean that your skin glows, your eyes sparkle and the whites of your eyes and your teeth look whiter. It will enhance your bone structure as well as minimising the appearance fine lines and skin imperfections.

On a more practical level colour analysis saves huge amounts of time and money when you shop for clothes, makeup and accessories because you have a greater knowledge and awareness of which colours work for you and just how to find them. Colour analysis also helps you to build a capsule wardrobe of key items of clothes that can mix and match, then add accessories to give you the wonderful effect of an extensive and well co-ordinated wardrobe of clothes.

Colour analysis will ensure always look and feel your best. Knowing which shades and colours to wear and how to wear them will give you increased confidence and self esteem when presenting yourself in a range of situations. It will also give you the knowledge you need to glamorise your overall look for special occasions with minimal time and effort.

The full colour analysis can take up to two hours and starts with a consultation. You will then be taken through a process called “draping”. Drapes of different colour shades and tones will be used to determine different aspects of your colour pallet. This process will give you an insight into the undertones of your skin, such as if it is cool or warm in tone which, in turn, has an important effect on the colours that will best suit you.

As the process continues your analyst will bring in more shades and tones to widen the amount of colours that will work for you and eventually present you with your own individual colour pallet in the form of a wallet of swatches and a comprehensive handout that you can take with you and use when you go shopping for clothes, makeup and accessories (even hair colours!). They will show you how to mix and match the colours in your pallet to create the best looks for daytime, evenings, work and special occasions.

This unique personalised experience is completed with a makeup session using examples of colours and shades which work well in your individual pallet. This is an added luxury, because at Holistic Eyes your professional colour analyst is also a qualified makeup artist so you really do get to leave knowing you look and feel really special! We also work in conjunction with Virgin Vie cosmetics so if you would like to purchase the exact products that have been used on you during the session or just get some additional makeup advice that can also be arranged.

Clients that have chosen colour analysis often take advantage of other related services such as having a wardrobe make over or a personal shopping experience.

“wearing the right   tones and shades   for your own   unique colour   pallet will mean   that your skin   glows, your eyes   sparkle and
  your teeth look   whiter”

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