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Billion Dollar Brows have already taken the USA by storm and now they have arrived in the UK! Holistic Eyes is delighted to be the first Beauty Therapist in Stevenage and much of Hertfordshire to offer this fantastic treatment.

How would you like us to design and re-create the shape of your eyebrows by using the same techniques and products that have taken Los Angeles by storm? Celebrities such as Paula Abdul, Oprah and Penelope Cruz are all devotees of the Billion Dollar Brow. Billion Dollar Brow Design Artists believe that “Beautiful eyebrows are a right not a privilege”.

Eyebrows frame the face and lift the cheekbones so having your eyebrows created to take on the most flattering shape and style for you is like having an instant touch of Hollywood glamour added to your features and making them the most beautiful shape they can be.

Billion Dollar Brows is different! It uses a patented tool to measure and apply the correct shape of eyebrow for your individual facial symmetry. Each Billion Dollar Brow treatment will take around half an hour and uses bespoke tools and quality tested products many of which you can use at home to maintain the look between treatments.

Billion Dollar Brows was created to help customers all over the globe obtain beautiful brows at a sensible, affordable price. Billion Dollar Brows have a presence in countries all over world and were introduced to the UK in 2012 making Holistic Eyes one of the earliest Beauty Therapist to pick up on this important worldwide industry trend.

There are up to 7 stages to a billion dollar brow which range from measuring through to colouring, precision layering, waxing and dressing the eyebrow so always allow at least half and hour for your treatment. At Holistic Eyes we are happy to explain and talk you through the entire procedure.

In the USA Billion Dollar Brows is the product of choice for Spa Nordstrom, Regis Salons, Caesars Palace Spa and the Palms Hotel Spa. They are a regular feature in the American magazines such as Vanity Fair and new Beauty and are used for TV shows such as The Doctors, E! News, Fox 11 and all of the main news channels.

Why not book an appointment for your first experience with Billion Dollar Brows which can give you the perfect shape for you every time.
“Beautiful eyebrows are a right not a privilege”!

“beautiful   eyebrows are a
  right not a   privilege”

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