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Airbase Airbrush makeup was formulated by Oscar nominated makeup artist Anni Buchannan. It’s the makeup of choice for many professional photographers as well as TV and film sets. Its popularity comes from the fact that it has the following qualities:

It gives a flawless finish which is shine resistant.

It’s long lasting and doesn’t require regular touch ups.

It is silicone based which makes it sweat and tear resistant (perfect for photographic    opportunities).

It feels light and weightless on the skin.

It lets the skin breath while still giving excellent coverage.

As well as being the makeup used on programmes such as The Brit’s, X Factor and The Voice many of the Sky channels use it as standard because of it gives a flawless complexion for High Definition TV and photographic work.

It’s been favourably reviewed in Magazine articles by Elle, Woman and Home, The Times, She, Woman’s Own and many more!

It’s excellent for special occasions like weddings or proms where makeup needs to stay put, looks great for long periods of time and where photographs and videos are in use. Also if you are likely to cry it won’t streak!

Airbase foundations are generally applied to the skin via an air gun. Spraying foundation onto the skin is a very specialist skill but has several benefits for the client. As it sprays the foundation on the brush breaks the particles of the foundation down into tiny beads invisible to the naked eye which allows for the fine smooth application. It’s the tiny particles that make it perfect for photographic work. Airbase include silicone into their foundations which give the skin a glow and a stunning dewy natural finish.

Airbrushing with silicone based Airbase products won’t clog the pores! The product sits on top of the skin as opposed to penetrating into the pores the way foundations do when applied with a brush or sponge. A product which penetrates the pores is more likely to “move” as the skin secretes thus pushing the makeup out away from the skin. It’s also the most hygienic form of makeup application due to the minimal amount of time the skin is contacted when using the airbrush method.

Airbase products are silicone based which ensures durability, perfect coverage and a natural flawless finish it also feels luxurious on the skin and allows it to breathe. It can withstand intense heat from both the sun and studio lighting. Because it covers so well only a light coating is required, no need for a heavy application.

Airbase products are good at covering imperfections such as acne scarring, rosacea, port wine stains, blemishes and even tattoos. As well as silicone airbase products also contain Vitamin A which is known to help the elasticity of the skin. Vitamin E which is an antioxidant moisturises and helps to repair the skin and fight free radicals that age skin.

“it's long lasting
  and gives a   flawless finish   which is shine,   sweat and tear   resistant”

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